Account Access

Want to get banking? You’re in the right place. Manage your versatile Visa debit card here, set up easy electronic statements, you can even BPay your bills.

Internet Banking

Goldfields Money offers you secure digital access to your accounts, 24/7 from wherever you are in the world. Simply call us to register to start managing your money effortlessly. Registration is easy, you will need your Client ID handy and be ready for our team to verify your Identity on file.

Mobile Banking

Goldfields Money’s mobile banking app is fast, convenient and secure. Access your accounts and manage your everyday banking direct from your mobile device; banking in your pocket anywhere, anytime. Simply give us a call and have your Client ID at the ready and our team will get you set up.

Business Banking

Think of our Online Business Banking as a hub for your business financials. You can log in and manage your finances, delegated users and account signatories in one convenient location on any electronic device. Cool huh!

To join up with Business banking, simply call 1300 464 465 and we will get you set up!

It’s that simple.

VISA Debit Card

Your Goldfields Money Visa Debit Card makes life a breeze. Fast in-store payments with PayWave and EFTPOS. You can use it securely online, or if you’re overseas, even over the telephone. Use your card at an ATMx ATM for fee free transactions.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Who needs an actual card to pay for things anymore? Not you! If you’re not already using Apple Pay or Google Pay and are not sure what we’re on about; Apple Pay and Google Pay can be set up on your phone turning it into a ‘digital wallet’ or an ‘e-wallet’. You’ll be able to simply unlock your phone, tablet or smart watch and hold it close to the payment terminal ‘to tap and pay’. Simple, easy and secure – welcome to the future.

Apple Pay Set Up
Google Pay Set Up

ATMx Network

Goldfields Money customers using their Visa debit card can access fee-free transactions at an ATMx ATM for fee free transactions. You’ll find ATMx ATMs Australia wide for your convenience so you’re set for cash withdrawals, checking account balances and more.

ATM Locator »


Call 1300 464 465 to get assistance with setting up any of the access channels.