Shareholder Information

Goldfields Money is part of BNK Banking Corporation Limited (ASX:BBC), which is an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution regulated by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)

Who is BNK Banking Corporation Limited’s share registry?

Our register is managed by Advanced Share Registry Limited. Their contact details are:

Advanced Share Registry Limited
PO Box 1156 Nedlands WA Australia 6909

+ 61 8 9262 3723

+ 61 8 9389 8033


What is the ASX code for BNK Banking Corporation Limited?

The company’s shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The code is “BBC”. To read more about our ASX listing,  Click here

How do I buy or sell shares in BNK Banking Corporation Limited?

BNK Banking Corporation Limited shares are traded on the ASX. You will need to contact a broker/financial planner/online share trading company to arrange to buy or sell shares. In case you don’t have your own broker, the ASX website contains useful information on brokers and comprehensive lists to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

How do I transfer my shares off-market?

For Issuer Sponsored holding You will need to complete a standard transfer form and lodge it with the Company’s share registry, Advanced Share Registry, if you wish to transfer your shares to another person.

How do I transfer my Unlisted Options in Goldfields Money Limited?

You will need to complete a standard transfer form and lodge it with the Company’s share registry, Advanced Share Registry, if you wish to transfer your unlisted options to another person.

How do I obtain the terms and conditions of my Unlisted Options?

Terms and Conditions can be obtained from the Share Registry.

Am I a CHESS Sponsored Holder or an Issuer Sponsored Holder?

If you have entered a sponsoring agreement with a broker (or another CHESS sponsor) you are CHESS Sponsored Holder. CHESS holdings are identified by a Holder Identification Number “HIN” which started with an “X”.

If not, then you are an Issuer Sponsored Holder. Issuer Sponsored holdings can be identified by a Securityholder Reference Number “SRN” which starts with an “I”.

Where do I find my Shareholder Reference Number (SRN)?

The holding statement sent to you when you first became a holder in the company will quote your SRN. This can be found in the top Right hand corner of your statement. If you cannot locate your statement, you will need to contact the company’s share registry.

What actions can I do via the Share Registry’s Website?

You can access details of your personal shareholding via the Advanced Share Registry Website and choose the tab “Investors”. You will need your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) and your postcode. Our Company code is GMY. You can use the website to:

  • Confirm the number of shares you hold and your transaction history
  • Update or provide details including change of address, (if you are an issuer sponsored Holder) TFN/ABN and specify options on how communications are received from the share registry.

Alternatively you can contact Advanced Share Registry on the contact details provided above.

Can I receive all correspondence by email?

We encourage shareholders to elect to receive all shareholder communications from BNK Banking Corporation Limited via email. Electronic shareholder communication offers considerable benefits for both shareholders and BNK – shareholders receive prompt information via a convenient and secure electronic delivery, there are significant cost savings and the Bank’s communications are environmentally friendly.

You can elect to receive all correspondence by email by logging into the share registry’s website.

How do I notify my change of address?

There are a few options. If your shares are held on the Issuer Sponsored sub-register and you hold the shares in your name, you can change your address via the share registry’s website. Alternatively Issuer Sponsored shareholders can request a form by contacting the share registry or download the form from our Share Registry Website.

For Broker Sponsored holders (shares held on the CHESS sub-register), you will need to advise your sponsoring broker in writing of the change.

Do I need to quote my Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN)?

The Company is obliged to deduct tax at the highest marginal tax rate plus Medicare Levy from partially franked or unfranked dividends paid to Australian resident shareholders who have not supplied TFN, ABN or exemption details. You are not obliged to quote your TFN or ABN, however tax may be deducted from unfranked portions of payments at the highest marginal rate. To obtain a form to advise your details, either contact the Bank’s share registry or download a form here.

How do I receive a copy of the Annual Report?

Goldfields Money’s website is now the default method for making our Annual Report available to shareholders. Hard copy Annual Reports will only be sent to shareholders who elect to receive one by logging in to the share registry’s website to update their Annual Report preferences (or by phoning the share registry). All reports can be viewed and downloaded by accessing the Annual Report section of this website.

Can I consolidate my shareholdings?

If you hold two or more Issuer Sponsored holdings and the name and address are identical in the holdings, you can combine your shareholdings by contact the Company’s share registry and quoting each holding number.

When are dividends paid?

The Directors declare and pay dividends out of the profits of BNK Banking Corporation Limited, fix the amount and timing for payments and the method of payment of any dividend payments. BNK Banking Corporation Limited anticipates that for the foreseeable future it will retain future earnings and other cash resources for the operation and growth of its business, however dividends may be declared in the future at the discretion of the Directors after taking into account factors such as our financial and operating results, financial condition and current and anticipated cash needs.

Does BNK Banking Corporation Limited have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)?


Can I have my dividends credited to a nominated account?

Dividend payments may be credited to a nominated financial institution account in Australia. You will need to contact the Company’s share registry, Advanced Share Registry, and provide your bank account details.

Do I have to attend the Annual General Meeting?

It is not compulsory to attend the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is a good forum for shareholders to participate directly in decisions being made by BNK Banking Corporation Limited and to hear the arguments for and against these decisions.

During the AGM, shareholders are asked to vote on important issues and also have the opportunity to put questions to the Board.

If you cannot attend the AGM, you may vote by proxy on questions that are to be voted on at the meeting. Several weeks before the meeting you will receive details of the AGM and a proxy form which allows you to submit your vote via mail. You can also use the form to appoint someone to attend the meeting on your behalf.

Does BNK Banking Corporation Limited offer Shareholder Benefits?

BNK Banking Corporation Limited is in the process of developing a benefits package for its shareholders. In the meantime, for a competitive quote on lending and deposit products, contact us and we will be pleased to assist.