ATM Locator

With Goldfields Money an atmx ATM is available near you and fee free!

Sometimes you need cold hard cash, when you do find one of our ATMs – don’t worry they stand out so you’ll see them. If you you’re not nearby one, we’ve teamed up with atmx to give you bonus access to one of the largest ATM networks across Australia – we’ve got you covered! What’s not to love about that? You can find the nearest ATM to you using the map below, just pop in your location.

If you’re keen to do away with having to use actual cash money, you can load your Goldfields Money Visa Debit card onto your mobile phone and use Apple Pay or Google Pay, then all you need is your phone.

In case you haven’t already, make sure you download our banking app today from the iTunes or Google Play store for easy and fast access to your money with one of our transaction accounts. They’re quick to apply for and we pride ourselves on making it simple, to use with total transparency in the management of your money. We understand it’s all yours. Honestly.