Term Deposits

Fixed Term Deposit Account

Goldfields Money offers Fixed Term Deposit accounts to personal and business customers.

Goldfields Money accepts the lodgement of money for a Fixed Term Deposit, of a fixed amount, for a fixed term at a fixed rate of interest.

Our minimum Fixed Term Deposit amount is $5,000 and the minimum deposit term is one month.

We accept a Fixed Term Deposit in the name of a child under the age of 18 years, the minimum balance of which is $500.

Fixed Term Deposit Maturity Terms

Goldfields Money offers its customers Fixed Term Deposit maturity terms of 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Other terms are available upon application.

Fixed Term Deposit Interest Rate

The advertised interest rate is an annual interest rate, expressed as a percentage per annum i.e. 3.95% p.a.

Certificate of Investment

Upon acceptance or renewal of our Fixed Term Deposit, we will issue a Certificate of Investment which will detail your client ID, deposit number, date of lodgement or renewal, term of the fixed term deposit, maturity date, and interest rate.

If Goldfields Money does not receive your Fixed Term Deposit maturity instructions before maturity, the Fixed Term Deposit will automatically be re-invested (including any interest payable to you) for a similar term at the prevailing interest rate. You have 7 days following the maturity date to enter maturity instructions without such alteration being considered an early redemption.

Early Redemption of your Fixed Term Deposit

At the absolute discretion of Goldfields Money, a request may be considered for the full or part redemption or release of your Fixed Term Deposit before its maturity.

If Goldfields Money agrees to the request, it will have the right to adjust the interest rate payable on your Fixed Term Deposit. This interest rate adjustment is a reduction in the interest rate to 1.5% per annum, calculated daily for the length of the term already served.

If the term served is less than one month, there will be no interest paid on the amount withdrawn.

The minimum redemption amount is $500.

Payment of the redeemed funds can be via a direct credit to another Goldfields Money account, cheque or electronic transfer.

How to apply

Online: Click here to APPLY NOW.

If you are applying as a Trust, Self Managed Super Fund, Company or Association you will need to complete a Term Deposit Non Personal Application Form. Once you have completed these forms and provided certified copies of all required supporting identification, please send to Goldfields Money by one of the methods below.

Email: enquiries@goldfieldsmoney.com.au

Post: Applications can be sent to PO Box 10155, Kalgoorlie WA 6433.

Fax: (08) 9021 4766

In person: Click here for a list of our locations.

If you have any further application questions, please call one of our staff members on (08) 9021 6444.