Making payments safer

We're increasing your contactless card limit so you can have less contact.

Contactless card payment limits have been increased

Keeping safe during COVID-19

To help minimise contact with terminal devices and reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are increasing the contactless payment limit on our customer cards from $100 to $200. This means any transaction $200 or less will no longer require a PIN to be entered.

Whilst this feature is initially in place for the next 3 months, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and provide any updates if things should change.


Frequently Asked Questions

What about security?

We will continue to monitor your account for any unusual activity. It is vital that you continue to keep your card safe at all times to protect against theft and check your account often. If you lose your card or have any concerns about unauthorised transactions on your account, please get in touch immediately.

Does this apply to mobile payments and other wearables?

You can continue to use mobile payments and other smart devices when purchasing essential goods.

Increasing or Decreasing daily spend limit

For anyone wanting to increase or decrease their daily spend limit off the back of the contactless payment limit changes, please send us a secure email via your online banking account and our friendly customer service team can assist you!