Redicard Access

Redicard Access

From 1 January 2016 no new Redicards will be issued.


Customers will instead be able to take advantage of Goldfields Money's Visa debit card.

A Goldfields Money Redicard can be attached to most of our Savings Accounts, giving you access to your money 24/7 through the network of ATM’s and EFTPOS machines.

ATM Access - You can access any Rediteller ATM in Australia.

Goldfields Money Accounts - To find out which Personal Savings Account has Redicard access click here.

Both of our Business Savings Accounts have Redicard access.

Cash Out Option - Your Redicard also provides you with the convenience of obtaining a "cash out” option at any EFTPOS terminal, provided the account has the necessary funds available.