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22 May 2012 - How GCU became Goldfields Money

Following membership approval of the demutualisation of Goldfields Credit Union, and listing of the new entity on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Board charged marketing company BrightBlue C with the development of a new identity to convey the values and objectives of the new credit union, Goldfields Money Limited.

A comprehensive brief was provided to BrightBlue C, with instructions to develop an identity that reflected the origins of the organisation, the evolution of GCU to Goldfields Money, it's fiduciary strength, and traditional strengths within Kalgoorlie, Esperance and regional Western Australia.

BrightBlue C developed a number of creative treatments for review with the preferred option taking as its inspiration both the abacus as the original counting machine, and the coin, as our original currency. The abacus format forms the basis of the graphic component of the logo, and the introduction of a number of elliptical shapes to this format pays tribute to coins being tossed into the air; a subtle acknowledgement of Kalgoorlie's famous two-up ring.

The selection of a more traditional font for 'goldfields' references the origins of the entity within Kalgoorlie's historic goldfields, and has been modernised by using all lowercase letters and balanced with a very modern treatment to the word 'MONEY', thereby combining the old with the new.

By creating a vertical structure for the logo, the eye rests naturally on the word 'MONEY', this being the solid foundation of the demutualised, listed entity.

So now you know how Goldfields Credit Union became goldfields MONEY