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09 Aug 2017 - Cuscal processing errors rectified

From time to time processing errors occur in the banking system and it peeves people off big time! You may have read the press associated with some duplicated payments processed to some shoppers bank accounts when they shopped at Woolworth’s back in March. As a result of these processing errors, a small handful of our valued customers were affected and at Goldfields Money, we want to make sure we minimise the pain caused by these errors.  If your account with Goldfields Money has been impacted by any of the duplicated Woolworths transactions (as reported on 7 August 2017), please contact us immediately  on 1300 GO 4 GOLD and we will make it right. If you have been charged an overdrawing fee or a late payment fee, don’t worry we will get it sorted. 

Technology glitches and mistakes can very rarely happen, please rest assured your money is and always will be secure and safe with Goldfields Money. We will always let you know if there has been any mistakes, and look to rectify it straight away. For more information on the error please read the article issued by Cuscal here.